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Eating Outside

Posted By: Allie
Apr 30th, 2012

Today we took a trip to the aquarium with Myndi, Jaxon,  and Tonya. The new river otters they have are soo cute! We bought some water squirters in the gift shop and had a water fight when we got home. It was such a nice day we decided to have dinner in the back yard.

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Strawberry Jam

Posted By: Allie
Apr 28th, 2012

This is what I made today. Bought a big carton of strawberries at costco and was so excited to make jam. We've been out of this flavor for a long time and it seems to be the kids' favorite.

So I get started and have the mashed strawberries coming to a boil in a pot. The kids are playing outside and Jared tells me that some big kid is driving Kaden's power wheels and raming into people. (This is why I tell Kaden that only HE is allowed to drive it) So I go out there and chase the kid down and tell him the power wheels need to get put away. And I come back in and find out my jam is burning. THANKS KID. 

Though it didn't burn TOO much, I can certainly tell it has a scorched taste. I don't want to waist a whole batch, so I guess we are now going to have to eat it.

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Myndi Davis Wrote: May 4th, 2012
That sucks!
What I've been up to

Posted By: Jared
Apr 24th, 2012
I have been quite busy the past couple of weeks.  I went to Heathers house and saw how Jed did her shelves and desk in her craft room, so then I went to home depot and got allies craft room set up with desks and shelves
We planted 2 new trees in the backyard which is a peach tree and another that we positioned to help block the neighbors light that shines in our backyard (especially the hot tub) at night.
We got our deck washed and ready for paint (aaron mostly did that, but we prepped it he he) and then primed and painted it within a couple days.
My home server that we use to watch shows, movies and store our pictures, music and personal files kept crashing (might have been because of Jamie LOL) so we replaced the server with a more reliable one even though it was one of the cheapest ones we found online.
I got this website along with about 12 others moved over to a new host since my old one had very poor service and my sites were always down.  Among these 12 sites is estimated 60,000 files and probably close to 100 Gigs in size.  Every second of the days were spent tranferring files, setting up permissions, configuring the DNS and databases.  At least while the files were transferring, I didnt have to be at my computer.
I re-painted my dads trailer and love how it turned out.  Allie had to take a few trips to walmart though because the paint we got did not work, so she had to get new paint, then we ran out and had to get more.  I found an old can of primer that was full but did not work and just oozed brown stuff, so we got that taken back for some black paint.
We got a hot tub cover lift that will help lift the cover off the hot tub and stores it upright on the side.  I got it set up and ready to go, but am waiting for the new hot tub cover to come since our current cover is old, worn out and VERY heavy.  I dont want to use it with our current cover because it may break it.
Allie got this spider barrier spray which comes in a $5 gallon bucket that I sprayed around the whole house and around the hot tub A TON!!  So far I have not seen any spiders crawling around on the hot tub so it must be working.  Allie gets mad because I keep spraying it around the base each day and she says that its supposed to last all year.  When it first started getting warmer, I always saw a spider on the hot tub each time I went outside, so it was time to find a solution.  There are also 2 spider traps inside the side panel of it HA HA.
Lastly, I went shopping with my family and my mom for some birthday stuff.  Allie got me some new shoes which I needed badly and my parents helped get me a church suit which I have never had before.  My sister gave me a present as well which was 2 ties to go along with my new suit.  My whole family is so nice and am so happy to have them!

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Allie Wrote: Apr 27th, 2012
April has been a very busy month. I love your suit, very handsome!
Myndi Wrote: Apr 25th, 2012
You accomplished so much!

Posted By: Allie
Apr 24th, 2012

Myndi invited us to go to farmland with her and Jaxon, this was our first time going, what a cute place. The kids wanted to feed every animal they saw, Kairi especially loved feeding the ducks. Her favorite was the pony ride, she had the biggest grin the whole time. Kaden liked it, but in the end when I asked what his favorite part was, he said the cars in the gift shop. ha ha ha, typical Kaden.

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Jared Wrote: Apr 24th, 2012
That looks like fun and wish that I would have gone. Maybe next time.

Posted By: Allie
Apr 24th, 2012

We had a fun Easter. The easter bunny brought coloring books, crayons, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and candy. The kids couldn't have been more excited. After lunch we traveled to Grandma and Grandpa Davis's for a BBQ. They had the best time.

Kaden had to pose in front of the car and in front of grandpa's motorcycle. I don't know where he comes up with these poses, ha ha. Kairi was trying to catch butterflies with a fishing net and everyone wanted to climb onto the lawn mower and go for a ride.

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Jared Wrote: Apr 24th, 2012
That was nice to go down there and see them. My arm also got so tired from playing way too many games of horseshoes with Shawn
Cabin Trip

Posted By: Allie
Apr 17th, 2012

We had a fun little cabin trip the weekend before we went to St George. The kids had a lot of fun with so many cousins to play with. Kaden had to do funny poses every time I tried to take a picture of him. We had a fun game night and played the Scotland Yard board game and snacked on a Red Velvet cheese ball, so yummy! What a great weekend.

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Jamie Wrote: Apr 18th, 2012
That was really fun even though we had tons of kids!!!
St George Trip

Posted By: Jared
Apr 2nd, 2012
We were so excited for our vacation, but it did not turn out so great.  I was sick a day or so before we left and then Kairi got sick before we left so on the way down she had a bad runny nose and I felt terrible.  On the way down the temperature on our car kept going up and about half way it overheated.  We drained the coolant and luckily Shawn had a new bottle of it, so we dumped the new stuff in and set off again.  About 10 miles later it started overheating again.  We pulled over, let it cool down and put some water in it.  This time when we set off, it was starting to get dark and much cooler and we drove with the heater on full blast to help cool the engine.   This helped quite a bit and we finally made it to our destination and decided to stop to get groceries for the next day.

We pulled in to the parking lot and there was a car cutting accross the lanes as I was going down the lane and he almost did not stop for me.  I put on my brakes kind of hard and finally he stopped, so I spun my tires a bit and went to park... the guy turned around and pulled up to where we were and said "DO YOU HAVE A PROBLEM"?  I simply said no, "the best I could with my voice going out on my from being sick", and continued to get the kids out of the car...  He sat there for just a second and then drove away. 

After we got some food, we set off to the house, but realized that we had forgotten the key.  We were luckily able to get in with a spare key and wanted to relax to a nice movie after that long, bad ride down.  We started to hear beeping around the house and find out a handfull of smoke detector batteries are dead.  There was a drawer with a few batteries in it, so we set off to replace all the ones that were beeping and finish un-packing our stuff.  Got the kids in bed and headed down to watch a movie.... NOPE, the batteries in the remote were dead which control the theater system so that was not going to work. After a bit of fiddling around, we finally got it working without the remote and finished the movie before going to bed. 

The next morning, I felt terrible so we decided to go see a doctor and get some medicine.  After a quick visit, he said that he thinks I had the flu and by now my voice was sounding very bad and I could barely talk.  He perscribed some cough medicine so we then went to get that and got back to the house. 

My phone was dying and we forgot to pack up my charger, but Tonya had the same phone as me and had her charger, so I used hers to charge up my phone. 

We called up some places to try and find some parts for my car and went to take it to a mechanic shop for assistance.  We determined that the radiator was bad and the fan clutch.  On the way down, we called up an auto parts store to see if they had a radiator in case we needed to replace it and there was only 1 available in SLC, so we had them order it in and they would have it in on Saturday.   We ended up getting those parts and headed back to the house after then realizing that the garage door was not working properly. 

There was some extra oil that was used on the door and gears to help them work again which did not seem to help.  We gave up on that and set off taking apart the car.  Got everything done and back together in a few hours and the car worked great!

Kaden was always bugging to drive his bike outside so he drove it while we worked on the car. I peeked out of the garage where he was riding accross the street to some kids.  I heard him crying and looked out and he was walking back with his bike laying on the ground.  I went over there and his cheeck was all scraped up.  I carried him and the bike home and got him cleaned up and had him watch some cartoons.
When it came time to leave, we packed up our stuff and headed out.  The weather was awful and was very wet, rainy and snowy in some parts.  We got stuck in a traffic jam from a car that rolled over, and we were barely moving.  Just then Kairi started coughing in the back and threw up all over herself.  At this point, Kaden is now sick, I was still sick, Kairi was still sick and Allie was getting sick.  We pulled over to clean it up and then set on our way again.
Finally home!  That was not the best trip in the world, but at least my car is running great now and I am very happy that we had Shawn there to help us out!  Oh yea, at one point in the morning, I fell down the stairs too :)

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Heather Wrote: Apr 5th, 2012
Great I hope my trip isnt like that. Do I need batteries for the remote??
Myndi Wrote: Apr 4th, 2012
Geez, that sucks!
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