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Posted By: Jared
Dec 10th, 2012
I am finally getting around to posting this....  We went to Vegas the first part of November and it was great.  This was the first time our kids actually did stuff in vegas.  First we went to Circus Circus and had them go on a bunch of rides. Kairi was so scared of the Frog ride and made the funniest faces.  She was SO excited to ride the train but Kaden was too scared to go on it.  We played a bunch of games and the kids had a blast!


Since we had gotten a new camera shortly before the trip, I was taking pictures of everything I could, here are a few shots I got while driving around.


We went to eat inside the forum shops and there was this big aquarium that the kids loved


We stopped at Walmart to get the kids some cheap toys. Kaden got a car and Kairi got a microphone that she LOVES!  She is always grabbing my Rock Band microphone and talking in it.  She would talk loud in the big end and then talk into the small wire at the bottom with a really soft, quiet voice. It was so funny!  We then went bowling with everyone which was fun at first, then the kids got bored.  I won both games!


On our way home, we stopped at Kolob Canyon and got some pictures, they turned out great!


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