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What would you do with 1 million dollars?

Posted By: Jared
Sep 30th, 2011
So lately I have been working on SOOO many websites, trying to create something that will get big and bring in lots of money.  I am not sure how many of you know all the sites i've got going on but there is http://SpiffyNetwork.com,,,,, (Having a hard time getting this one going, so for now it links to allies site),,, and

Lately I have been adding new features on Allies crochet site such as a coupon system and party registration and trying to finish Swarm Inform.  The Swarm Inform website is the one in my eye to bring in some money because i'm working on it with some guy at my work that does SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and he is going to help market and promote the site. It will be a social tool to help handle and maintain your social networks like twitter and facebook.  I am sure lots of companies will be interested in it and we have a nice layout and theme going with it.

Anyway, with our recent car purchase, our budget has been tight and I always think to myself what it would be like to get a million dollars from my websites.  This is what I would do.... Pay off all our bills and house mortage and pay back anyone that we owe money to, then I'd go out and buy $1,000 in groceries for each of my sisters and my brother and maybe $2,000 for my parents :), after that I would take my family out somewhere fun to eat like Chuck E Cheeses and go on a trip to Disney Land or Disney World.  I would then take all my friends out to eat somewhere nice, go bowling and then to a movie.  Whatever was left after that would go in our bank account.

I am interested to see what others would do, so if you happen to read this and it gets you thinking, please post in the comments what you would do with 1 million dollars.

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Heather Wrote: Oct 17th, 2011
That's funny I think about it ALMOST every night...I would Buy Jed a new Truck and Me a nice SUV. Then pay off the house. (All without anyone knowing, even Jed) I would put a big bow on Jed's truck and put it in the garage, Then I would take mom, dad, you, Jamie, and Jason to a very expensive steak house. I would then give everyone an envelop with a large sum of cash ($1000-$2000) I would go to Hawaii and pay for mom and dad to come. I would get a fence and invest in some forms and other items for Jed's concrete business, I would also finish my basement, put money in my kids account, and some in our savings. Maybe even build Jed a shop!!! Haha like I said I think about it A LOT!!!
Jamie Wrote: Oct 5th, 2011
Wow wouldn't that be great!! I would pay off my house. Put money in each of my kids savings accounts, give my siblings money and my parents and have all of us go to Disneyland for a week!! Then put the rest in savings.
Allie Wrote: Oct 1st, 2011
If we had that much money I'd also pay off all of our bills and do some home repair, set some aside for our kids for college and whatever else. Then give other family members a share to do whatever they wanted with it. I don't know how much would be left after that, but I'd like to have a fun family vacation and whatever's left would go into saving.
New car

Posted By: Jared
Sep 27th, 2011
With time flying by and Kaden needing to go to preschool soon, we decided that we needed to get a car so allie has something to drive while I am at work.  My friend, Shawn, has a Nissan 300zx and a bunch of parts for it and knows about the car so I figured this would be a good car to get.  We looked everywhere and even drove up to Ogden looking around for a good one. Finally we found one listed in the wrong section of ksl and it was local too!  After work, me and Shawn went to go look at it and see if it was worth buying. We gave him an offer and then left to think about it and if it was worth what he was asking. A few days had passed and I sent him an email asking if he had sold it yet and gave him another offer which he decided to go for.

The car is a blast to drive and it has 4 seats which is great since we have 2 kids.  There were a few small issues like a blinker bulb that was out, the driver side mirror was taped on and the driver seat was all torn up.  These were easily fixed, but we do need new front tires for it which will be a bit more expensive so we are looking around for some cheap ones. They are 15's and have 4 lug nuts in case anyone finds any around :)

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The BEST Creamed Corn

Posted By: Allie
Sep 8th, 2011

1/2 cups Heavy Whipping Cream

1/2 cups Milk

1/2 teaspoons Salt

1 Tablespoon Sugar

16 ounces, weight Frozen Whole Kernel Corn (sweet If Possible)

1 Tablespoon Butter

1 Tablespoon All-purpose Flour

⅛ teaspoons Black Pepper

In a large pan on medium high heat, add heavy cream, milk, salt and sugar. Stir to combine. Bring to a boil and add frozen corn. Bring to a boil again.

In a separate small sauce pan, melt butter and add flour. Stir to combine.

Add flour and butter to the corn and stir to combine. Reduce heat to medium and cook until it begins to thicken. Turn off heat, add black pepper and season to taste.

Note: this recipe can be doubled.

I can't remember ever having creamed corn until I met Jared. He would have me buy the canned "creamed corn" and I never really cared for it. I came across this recipe and thought I'd give it a try. Let me tell is THE BEST. If you do buy the canned creamed corn, you will NEVER want to buy it again. ...though it may be cheaper. Some things though, you just can't subsitute, and I will never settle for the canned stuff again now that I have this recipe. Kairi has never liked corn so she didn't want to try it, but Kaden would have eaten the entire batch if i'd let him.

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Heather Wrote: Sep 9th, 2011
ummm that looks good. I want some. So no body posts on my blog anymore :(
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