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Kaden's Face Plant

Posted By: Allie
Aug 30th, 2011

Kaden was running up the stairs and tripped over the top step and his chin landed into the wall.

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Myndi Wrote: Aug 31st, 2011
OMG! That's what that was from?
My Pet Spider

Posted By: Jared
Aug 18th, 2011
There is a spider outside my window at work that comes out in the morning until about noon, then it crawls off to the side until the next day.  I have been trying to figure out what kind of a spider it is and today I determined it is a cobweb spider.  At first it creeped me out and still kind of does, but I am starting to get used to it and look forward to seeing it the next day.  I want to see a big bug get caught in the web, but there doesn't seem to be many big ones around here.  I recorded some video of it with my phone when it was crawling down to eat a bug.


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Jamie Wrote: Aug 30th, 2011
That sends chills up my spine!!! My kids liked it though.
Heather Wrote: Aug 23rd, 2011
Sick! just watching it made me feel like something was crawling on me!
Ferrari Ride

Posted By: Jared
Aug 16th, 2011

My cousin has a Ferrari and I have been dying to go for a ride, so today we all went over to his house.  This is an F430 that is yellow but has a wrap around it with some cool black / yellow designs on it.  The hood has the logo with a yellow glow behind it and the sides say Ferrari.  Allie went for a ride first, then the kids sat in it for pictures, then he took me for a ride up to my parents house.

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Allie Wrote: Aug 16th, 2011
That was the best! I'd love to see how it does around a race track like on Top Gear.
New Phone

Posted By: Jared
Aug 16th, 2011

I got a new phone "HTC Sensation" and it is fantastic.  Allie took over my old phone so she has the old number and if you don't have my number then let me or allie know so we can get it to you.  While Allie was gone to Portland with Kaden, I played around with my new phone taking pictures and making things look funny.  Here are some that I took.

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Allie Wrote: Aug 16th, 2011
I love your phone, wish I had one like it.
Lip Surgery

Posted By: Allie
Aug 12th, 2011

So we got back from our little trip last night and Kaden has been doing great. We flew out there Wednesday morning and was a little early so we had lunch in the cafeteria. And then went to our check-in appointment where we had to wait around for 3 hours to see various people. That was soo boring, but Kaden was very good through-out the whole wait. He found ways to stay entertained.

They then took us to our room, which was just like a hotel room. Kaden put his sunglasses on and started doing a silly dance. We had a nice view from our room.

They had a game room full of toys and things to do, so we played in there for a few hours. And they brought in some free pizza for everyone staying there and had an activity. There was a little boy Kaden's age that was there for a surgery and they became good friends for the evening.

After a restless night we woke up at 5 the next morning and Kaden watched some tv for a little bit before we went to get checked in for surgery. They brought us into the room he'd be in while waiting to fully recover. Once Kaden got a look at the bed and all the things around it I think it hit him and he started getting nervous. He grabbed me tight and told me he didn't want to have his surgery.

He stayed pretty calm while they checked his vitals, and then told him he could pick out a toy from their toy room. They gave him some medicine to calm him down and make him drowsy.

When it came time to change into his gown, that's when things got hard. They tried giving him a nebulizer treatment before going in, he put up a good fight and gave me a good kick in the throat, he just wasn't going to have it. It made it really hard for me seeing how bad he didn't want to go through with it.

We walked up to the surgery area and the medicine started kicking in and he became a lot more accepting. I told him how much I loved him and everything was going to be ok. He wobbily lifted up his head to look at me and told me he loved me too. Then I handed him off to the nurses and went back to his room to wait.

After a couple of hours they called me up to the recovery room so I could be there when he awoke. He would barely open his eyes when I talked to him and then fall back asleep. We took him back to his room and he started waking up more and then started touching around his lip. He didn't cry at all, he just said he didn't want it. 

He drank some juice and watched some tv while we waited. After looking him over one last time, they said we could leave by noon. So only a few hours after the surgery we were ready to go.

We got a ride back to the airport where we had to wait till 6:45 for our plane home. He was pretty good most of the time, though he did throw big fit once, we just watched movies on our dvd player and played games on the DS. One of the store clerks gave him a free doughnut to cheer him up when we were buying a drink. He was pretty excited about that, so we watched Tangled and he ate his doughnut. He fell asleep on the plane before we left the ground.

And today he woke up just like every other morning and is being his usual happy self. He doesn't even act like anything happened.

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myndi Wrote: Aug 12th, 2011
Kaden is so tough and brave. I'm sorry, it must be so hard for you to see him go through all this. Glad he's back to himself so quick
Museum of Ancient Life

Posted By: Allie
Aug 3rd, 2011

Myndi invited us to go to Thanksgiving Point with her for their $2 Tuesdays this month. Who could pass up that deal? Kaden wanted to see the dinosaurs so we went to the museum. I think a lot of other parents had to same idea because it was super crowded.

We went to the science area first, they had a lot of fun playing with the different things. When we went to see the dinosaurs Kaden just LOVED it, he couldn't see everything fast enough we had to keep telling him to slow down. 

Kairi was very interested in everything too, but with the sound effects they had going I think she was a bit nervous that something might come to life so she wanted me to carry her most of the time.

Kaden had fun with this Design-a-Dino. Kairi wanted to play with the dinosaurs on this matt, but Kaden didn't want to take the time to play with her. He saw the computers they had and; of course, kept asking to play on them. 

Kairi isn't so sure about this dino.

This fossil digging area was soo crowded with kids it was insane. But I let Kaden and Kairi go in anyway. Kairi wanted out after a minute, I think it was too overwhelming for her. Then another rush of kids came in so it was time to leave. It was a lot of fun, can't wait to go again.

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East Canyon

Posted By: Allie
Aug 3rd, 2011

Papa and Grandma Triptow invited us to East Canyon for the weekend. The weather was just about perfect the whole time. It was so nice to be up in the mountains, though there were a lot of mosquitos that seemed to only like me. There was a fun park that had some huge tires that Kaden loved.

We had to yell at a lot of kids while we were there, none of the other parents cared to watch their kids and they were getting into all kinds of trouble. One group of kids had "found" some baby birds and were knocking down a nest so they had a place to put them. (I'm pretty sure the birds fell out while they were trying to get the nest) And they were just carrying the babies around like pets and one girl got a little box no bigger than a mac&cheese box to put them in. RIP little birds.
That same morning a group of boys were having fun throwing rocks at squirrels trying to make them fall out of the trees. So I had to tell them to stop and they just stared at me and asked "why?". You really have to ask why you shouldn't be throwing rocks at animals? So I asked him if would like rocks thrown at him, and of course no answer. They just went back to their ways when we started leaving.
Then the last day we were there, Teresa said there was a boy on the swing set jabbing a pocket knife around. . . .careless parents.
But anyway. . .

Kaden was so excited when he saw this car. He is constantly talking about how cool Hot Wheels cars with flames are. And this was even his favorite color. The car also had a Hot Wheels decal on the back window. We walked over so Kaden could get a closer look and the owners said he could sit in it and take pictures. He was in heaven. Kairi liked it too and had to get her picture next to it.

We played miniature golf on the little course they have, and the kids even took a shot at shuffleboard which was cute. Jamie came up for the day on our last day and we played miniature golf again. It was such a fun trip!

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Swimming at Jamie's

Posted By: Allie
Aug 3rd, 2011

Jamie picked us up and we spent the afternoon at her house playing in their pool. Kaden and Kairi had so much fun playing with their cousins.

Isn't this the funnest kids pool ever? With the two levels and a slide and the seat and it can spray water.  I need to get one.

And when I didnt think it could get any better, they added a big slide. Just look at that excitement on Kairi's face. She was having so much fun she didn't want anyone to help her climbing up and sliding down.

Kaden and Dawson were having fun with some water bottles, and Abby was being Kairi's new best friend.

Abby was catching Kairi as she slid down the slide, and Kairi had to do the same for Abby. What a fun summer day.

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Myndi Wrote: Aug 4th, 2011
I have never seen such an awesome pool! What cute pics of the kids, they are having a total blast!
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