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Posted By: Allie
Apr 30th, 2011

doesn't it feel like spring yet? Sure there is green grass and flowers growing, but when you wake up to this....

It makes you wonder if it's ever going to get warm again. I am expecially upset because I planted some of my garden early and although most of the plants are supposed to be ok in cold weather, they don't seem to be doing so well. (partly because Kairi has smashed some of them).

 My peas are still going strong, but I have had to cover up my tomatoes every night the last week, and only 2 of 6 have made it. My strawberries and little blue spruce were covered with an inch of snow.

I got this little tree for free from Lowes on Earth Day. I'm not sure where I'm going to plant it, since it grows 20+ ft wide when it's fully grown. I don't think I have enough yard room for a tree that big. I still have some time to think about it though.

One good thing about this weather is that I havn't had to water the lawn yet. I just want it to warm up so my plants can grow, at least I have some back-ups growing inside if these ones die.

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Myndi Wrote: May 7th, 2011
The mountains are so pretty in the first pic. You have a great view.
Heather the great Wrote: May 3rd, 2011
I know I am so sick of it! I'm glad this week is supposed to be good. I planted some of my plants outside today

Posted By: Allie
Apr 29th, 2011
The kids had a lot of fun Easter morning. They especially loved the pez they got from grandma Triptow.  We had candy and eggs and easter grass all over the front room. I don't think i'll be doing the grass in the baskets anymore, what a mess to clean up.  After eating lunch we went to spend the rest of the day with grandma and grandpa Davis.

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Myndi Wrote: May 7th, 2011
Looks like they got great stuff from the East Bunny.
Easter Eggs

Posted By: Allie
Apr 29th, 2011
Here are the eggs we colored. I don't think it's as much fun as you get older, but the kids really love doing it so I'm happy to make it a yearly tradition for them. It's pretty much the only Easter activity we did this year.

This was Kairi's first year helping, she colored on them with a crayon and when they came out of the dye it showed her scribbles. She really loved it. And of course they immediately started using them as toys, dropping them on the floor and putting them in their cars to push around. So I just decided to throw them away when we were done.

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Myndi Wrote: May 7th, 2011
They look so proud of their eggs! They are such cute kids and you are a great mom!
Jamie Wrote: Apr 29th, 2011
How funny. Ya egg dying isn't my favorite thing. We skip some years.
Heather Wrote: Apr 29th, 2011
That is so cute. Ya Dominic was kind of the same way, he thought they were toys! I love dying eggs
Kairi's First Haircut

Posted By: Allie
Apr 21st, 2011

Kairi had her first haircut yesterday. I think I've been putting this off forever because I just hated loosing Kairi's baby hair, but it needed to happen eventually.  She threw a fit and cried a lot, but once she got calmed down it went pretty quickly. I think it looks much better now, being all even.

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Heather Wrote: Apr 24th, 2011
Oh that is so cute! I love your blog it always looks so cute!
Jamie Wrote: Apr 21st, 2011
Oh it looks so cute. I am glad that you did it even though it is sad.
Painting Toes

Posted By: Allie
Apr 19th, 2011
Kairi watched me paint my toes before church yesterday and became very interested. She kept handing me the bottles of nail polish wanting me to do her nails, but we didn't have much time before church started so I told her, another time. Kaden also wanted me to do his nails, lol . . . Im not sure how to explain to him that some things are just for girls.

So today when Kaden was downstairs watching Jared play a game, Kairi and I had some girl time and I painted her toes for her. She LOVED it. She was so good when I did the first foot and just sat there, but then she decided she wanted to do it herself, so I helped her paint her other foot. She got paint all over her toes, but that's ok, it'll come off soon enough.

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A hat for Teddy

Posted By: Allie
Apr 9th, 2011

I keep telling Kaden i'll make a hat for his teddy bear but always get busy with other things, so last night I decided just to do it; which took like 10 min, and it is so cute! I think it would be kinda funny to put little bear ears on the hat.

Kaden and I had a good laugh when we made madrox wear it. If it was a little shorter I think it would have been a good fit. and maybe try to make holes for his ears to go through. ha ha.  I need to make one for Kairi's baby doll now, she loves putting hats on her dolls.

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Heather Wrote: Apr 18th, 2011
That is so cute I love it! My kids love hats too, and putting them on things
Jeep Diggin

Posted By: Jared
Apr 9th, 2011
It has been a while since ive taken my jeep out in the hills so earlier this week I had decided to take it out today.  Morgan had today off so it worked out well.  We went cruising around the hills by 5-mile pass and then decided to head out to where we wrecked the Ford Taurus.  There was a steep hill that went up to the top of the mountain and decided to go up it.

We then went further and found the spot where we crashed the Taurus and had a quick snack break.  There are roads that went further into the hills so we continued on to see if there were any other good spots.  We didnt really find any other good spots for another car crashing but had fun driving all over.  There was another smaller hill that we climbed up on:

We found some good mud to drive through on the way back and by the time we got home, the jeep was covered in mud.  It started to rain on the way home but I couldnt use my window wipers or it would just smear mud all over so I couldnt see out the window so I just did the best I could to look out without using them.

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zombie Wrote: Apr 11th, 2011
i saw your car, oh what a mess. i am glad you had fun and your ok
Crochet and a doctor visit

Posted By: Allie
Apr 5th, 2011

My website is up and running! I went with a pretty simple name... Not too much content yet, but i will be adding more soon, just need to get more pictures. If anyone knows a good photographer that would want to partner up with me please let me know.

Also, I took Kaden to the Dr today. He was sick a couple weeks ago and seemed to be over it, but his cough came back and then he developed a fever over the weekend so I decided to get him in. Poor guy, the tube in his right ear is plugged up with wax and is infected, and he has a sinus infection and was borderlining pneumonia. I would feel so aweful if he had pneumonia two years in a row. The Dr even made a little joke.."oh, time for his annual pneumia treatment". The thing is though, he didn't act like much was really bothering him up until a few days ago, he just had a bit of cough and runny nose. This little guy is so hard to read when he gets sick. At least he's on his way to feeling better.

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mom t Wrote: Apr 11th, 2011
i hope you are feeling better. it is so hard to not feel good and have to take care of kids. kiss the kids for me
New Websites

Posted By: Jared
Apr 3rd, 2011
I have been working on getting some websites up and running since I have not been working.  The first one was for my dad's business, Mountain West Development and can be seen here:

Then my sister called me up and wanted a site for her husbands company, Rocky Mountain Concrete Specialists and can be seen here: Allie also created the logo.

And finally Allie wanted a website to sell her craft stuff so we have been working on the site quite a bit.  I have spent what seems like a week, staying up ALL NIGHT to research and code the functionality of the site.  It is just about ready to be put online and hope to get the word out about it quickly and get some business going. Allie will most likely do a post about it once its ready and put a link up.

Allie created the designs for each site and I made sure they all worked correctly and put the images together on the site, set up the emails, admin panel etc.

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Heather Wrote: Apr 7th, 2011
Thank you for the Rocky mountain site. We love it! You are such a great brother and friend. We owe you big...and I almost cried when I read Allie's post to you. She is so sweet
Allie Wrote: Apr 3rd, 2011
Thank you SO much for all the hard work you've been putting into my website, all those long hours of researching and coding, it must be frustrating. You have such amazing knowledge and talent for computers, and you so generously share it with anyone who asks. I am so grateful be with you and i hope you know how much I love you.
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