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Fire Truck Room

Posted By: Allie
Aug 30th, 2010

I've been wanting to re-do Kaden's room for a while now, something a little more grown-up. It was either going to be cars, or dinosaurs. . . and then I came across some pictures for a fire truck themed room and knew that's what I really wanted to do. We gave Kaden the choice between the three options and he said fire trucks, so yay! And  I've already completed my first addition to the new theme. . .

I found the frame at DI for $1 and just took out the picture so I could use the glass. And using my new cricut software I made the cross image and cut it out with vinyl and stuck it to the glass. Pretty cute I think. Some other pictures for inspiration. . .

I just LOVE this pottery barn room. My goal is to paint a fire truck on canvas just like that one, well maybe a different truck, but same concept. 

I really liked the brick in this room, so I may attempt doing faux brick on one of his walls.

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Broken Toe

Posted By: Allie
Aug 25th, 2010

Sometimes you stub your toe so hard it feels like you borke it, but in this case I know it broke. I heard the bone crack and could move it in ways I couldn't move my other. Ya, gross. And it still hurts. I'm not too worried about it though, there isn't much that can be done for a pinkie toe, just need to take it easy for 6 weeks.


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Jamie Wrote: Sep 3rd, 2010
Ouch. I have done that twice on the same toe. I'm sorry but it does heal pretty quick.

Posted By: Allie
Aug 22nd, 2010

We were invited to go boating with Jared's parents yesterday and had a lot of fun. This was the kids' first time being on a boat and both of them did very well, especially Kairi. I was expecting her to be scared, but she was very calm and just enjoyed watching everything going on. Kaden got to go for a ride in the tube with Jared and even did a little swimming before he decided it was too cold.

There are some more images in the gallery.

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Things Going On

Posted By: Allie
Aug 19th, 2010

I just wanted to ramble a bit on things that have been going on. With our fence nearing completion, we (Jared) have been working hard on getting sprinklers moved and new ones installed where the fence will now be blocking previous sprinkler flow. We now have a big pile of dirt sitting on our patio, so it would be a good time to build my garden boxes. We will see what happens there.

Kaden has shown a big interest in being potty trained this past week. He tells me he no longer wants to wear diapers and is more frequently taking off his pants and diaper when he needs to go. It's a little hard for him to do, but I don't want to start buying pull-ups till I know he's a little further a long. If anyone has some tips I could sure use them since he's my first trainee.

Kairi just today has said two new words. Sippy and bubbles. Other recognizable words she's said : Dada (her first), ball (her second), car, all-done, and cracker. Though the last two she's only said once. I've yet to hear her say mama :( . . .unless i just didn't pick up on it. 'Dada' is very clear though, when she sees him in the morning her face will light up and she'll point to him and say DADA!. Last night while Jared was at work, I was talking to her about "when daddy gets home..." and she got excited and started looking around for him. She just loves him.

And I have been playing around a lot with my Cricut since finding the Sure Cuts A Lot program. It lets me cut any type of font I have installed on my computer. I also found Inkscape, which lets me create my own svg images for cutting. HERE is a tutorial I found useful on creating a simple svg word image.

I have also been doing a lot of digital scrapbooking; trying to get the kids' albums finished. If you are interested in starting I would suggest beginning with Memory Mixer, which can be found at Roberts Crafts. Just wait until they have a 50% off coupon. That program is good for basics, and it gets the job done, it's what I started out with. But it didn't have the capabilities I was looking for so Jared got me Adobe Photoshop and I absolutely LOVE it!

Here are my favorite scrapbooking sites:

Peppermint Creative : Super cute kits(I don't buy any but I look at them for inspiration), They offer a free kit download which is supposed to be updated regulary, but I have yet to see it updated. They have a lot of cute layout and vinyl craft ideas in their Gallery, and tonz of titles and phrases in their Phrases section.
Delicious Scraps : TONZ of freebies, from embellishments, to templates, photoshop actions, and mini kits.
The Shabby Shoppe : Cute layout ideas in their Gallery and offer some tutorials i've found helpful. they also have lots of free kits HERE.
Computer Scrapbook : Tonz of free kits.
Atomic Cupcake : You'll love this if you're familiar with photoshop actions. They offer a monthly free download, but if you know someone like Jared you can find more.
Free Scrapbook Fonts : Very cute fonts.

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Progress of fence

Posted By: Allie
Aug 11th, 2010

They started our fence yesterday and dug out all the holes, they ended up hitting a main irrigation pipeline which they will hopefully be able to repair, and today they are setting the posts.

UPDATE: They repaired the the pipe and wiring and everything seems to be working fine. They should be back to install the paneling early to mid next week. (Around the 23rd)

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St George

Posted By: Allie
Aug 11th, 2010

We went to St George again a couple weekends ago and we watched City of Ember. After the movie Kaden went under the kitchen table and closed himself in and pretended to play with the bolts underneath like he was repairing pipes while saying "It's my job". It was so cute!

The kids had a lot of fun, but unfortunatly got a cold from Jared while there and Kaden started coughing a lot and started having a really hard time breathing again. So we left in a hurry when that started up. I'm glad I brought his inhailer.

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Playing With Snaps

Posted By: Allie
Aug 11th, 2010
We bought some snaps for Pioneer Day and the kids had a fun time throwing and stepping on them.

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