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Posted By: Jared
May 29th, 2010

So almost every Tuesday I go bowling with Morgan over at FatCats for their "all you can bowl" and we try to get in as many games as possible.  I think that we have started to improve our game and finally decided to start tracking our progress.  I created a bowling page to keep track of our stats easily and right now my average is 149 but we have only tracked one game so far.  My highest score is 192 which I had gotten a couple weeks ago.  I actually got that same score 2 games in a row!  Anyway you can go HERE to see our bowling scores.

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Posted By: Allie
May 28th, 2010
The kids are sick again. Having sick kids is the worst thing in the world to me. They are so miserable but you can't do much to help them, especially at this age. Kaden took it really hard too, could have been from his previous pneumonia and weakened lungs, or the possibility that he has childhood asthma, he really had a hard time breathing the first night. He was constantly coughing and sounded terrible when he breathed. He would fall asleep for 20 min and wake up crying and wouldn't stop for an hour, then he'd fall asleep for another 20 min and this repeated the whole night.

We got him into the Dr ASAP the next morning and they said his oxygen was low. They gave him a breathing treatment and he instantly started breathing better. He also had to get a chest xray which came back fine. He just has to continue using a nebulizer for a few more days and will start taking a daily inhailant. For now we are treating it as asthma and in a few weeks will see how things go from there.

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Allie Wrote: Jun 15th, 2010
Ya, Very scary. The Dr said that he was close to being hospitalized when we brought him in.
Myndi Wrote: Jun 4th, 2010
Oh sad! That must have been so awful and scary for you!
Growing Seeds

Posted By: Allie
May 28th, 2010
There are a few spaces of dirt in our back yard that I havn't done anything with, so I've decided just to grow a garden in them for now. Im hoping that soon I can do something more permanent, but havn't decided what i want yet.

I don't want to take on too many plants with this being my first attempt at gardening, so I just chose a few. Roma tomatoes, cucumbers, cantaloupe, and pumpkins. No specific reasons for choosing these, except the pumpkins. I thought it would be fun for the kids to pick their own come halloween.

I'm letting Kaden help out and he has loved it. We planted the seeds and he watered them. I let him choose a seed that could be just for him and planted it in a separate cup. He chose cantaloupe. They started sprouting and he got really excited. He wants to water them all the time and got a bit carried away once and broke his plant. I thought for sure it was a gonner, but it's still growing.

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Some Pictures

Posted By: Allie
May 24th, 2010

Taking pictures of these two together isn't very easy, but they still look cute. Notice Kaden got a haircut? His last one was probably over 6 months ago. I was planning to go for a longer hair look for him, but just couldn't stand it anymore. Plus, it's almost summer so I thought it would just be better short.

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Anyone up for a yummy drink?

Posted By: Allie
May 19th, 2010

When we went to California we came accross a store that sold these Torani flavored syrups and we bought a bunch. When we came home we tried to find a local store that sold them, and when we did find a place, they only sold the flavors we already had or didn't want. We decided just to buy them off the website. They have so many different flavors we couldn't just pick a couple - we picked a ton, maybe went a little over-board even.   . . .ya it was expensive, but i figure they will last a long time (Or maybe not, we will see).

Here are the flavors we have:

Black Cherry
French Vanilla
English Toffee
Blue Raspberry
Cherry Lime
Blood Orange
Chocolate Mint
Mandarine Orange
Passion Fruit
Pink Grapefruit
Pumpkin Pie

Mmmm, can't wait to try them all. In Sprite, lemonade, Hot chocolate, whatever else sounds good.

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Bubble Wrap

Posted By: Allie
May 5th, 2010
We had a package delivered to us earlier this week and the item was wrapped up in this bubble wrap. I gave it to the kids to keep them busy for a bit while I did some housework and they were so intrigued.

Kaden was popping them one by one which was a little slow going, then Kairi started crawling on top of it to pop them, so Kaden must have thought, "hmm, that's much faster, I should do that too".

Then they started fighting over it so I cut it in half and gave one to each. Kairi got bored and went to do other things and Kaden finished his half and asked if he could have Kairi's. So I gave it to him and he popped all the bubbles on it too.

I hope our next package has bubble wrap instead of peanuts.

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Kaden is a Chatterbox

Posted By: Allie
May 4th, 2010
I can't believe 6 months ago we were so worried about his speech. Maybe we are just luckier than most parents whose children are late in speech development. I remember being told "One day he'll start talking, then you wont ever get him to stop". Which at the time I found hard to believe, but it's so true. Kaden is such a fast learner, he catches on so quick. In just a few short months he went from 0 words, to saying 3-4 word sentences, it just amazes me. He's saying new words almost every day and sings along to songs. When we sing twinkle twinkle star, it sounds a lot like he's saying twinkle twinkle little car. Maybe he is, ha ha.

You really have to watch how you phrase things around him now because he will copy everything you say. It can be so cute when you say a big word and he tries to imitate but says it competely wrong. Or when I say a long sentence he will still try to repeat every word I said and will get the words mixed up. I think one of my favorites is when he wants to know where something is, he will say "Where Daddy is?" or "Where yellow truck is?".  . . .It's cute to me anyway. ha ha.

Kairi's starting to pick up on things too, she will say dada and mama on occasion and likes to copy sounds. When she plays with a car she will sometimes make driving sounds, and when she plays with a toy tiger or dinosaur she will say "grrr". She picks up a lot of things from Kaden, I can tell she really likes him.

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