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Posted By: Jared
Apr 29th, 2010
We went on a vacation these past 5 days and got home very very early this morning. What a fun trip, we spent our first night in St. George at Jared's parents' condo. We went bowling which was quite expensive and watched a couple of movies in the awesome theater room. I can't wait to go back there, he he. We left the next morning and stopped in Vegas for a while and walked around, we rode the rollercoaster at the Adventuredome in Circus Circus and went to the Green Valley Ranch Feast Buffet before leaving. If you ever go to Vegas I highly recommend going to this buffet.

Rollercoaster at the Adventuredome

Green Valley Ranch buffet (Feast Buffet)

We stayed in a hotel near Six Flags which wasn't too bad but was quite expensive compared to the Excalibur in Vegas. There was a guy in the room next to us that appeared to be living there, he had two cats that liked to peak out the windows. The first morning there, about 5am, there was a bird outside our room that started chirping, and literally didn't stop until 6am.  The kind of chirping that drives you crazy and you can't sleep through. Just "chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp", no pauses between chirps, for a whole hour. I could never go back to sleep after it stopped. But anyway. . .

We went to Six Flags that same day, and it was the best! Make note, if you ever want to go to six flags and avoid long lines and wait times, Mondays around April 26th are perfect. We were the VERY FIRST people in the park. The weather and tempurature were perfect and most rides were no more than a few minutes wait. Some rides even let you get right back on when it was over.

The next day we drove to Hollywood to go to The Price Is Right. It was fun, and I'm glad I got to experience the whole thing, but I can't say I'd ever want to do it again. Around 10am, I think, we got to the studio and picked up our ticket for a place in line, then left and went to a few stores and looked around for a while. We had to be back at noon and they started calling people to get in line in the order of when you picked up your ticket. We were pretty close to the beginning of the line. They gave us cards to fill out where you write in something about yourself that might be interesting and they gave you a nametag. We then got our pictures taken went to wait in a different line where we had a short interview with the producer of the show. Afterwhich we went thru security and waited in another line until the show tapeing which was at 4. So the whole line process was 4 hours.

When we went inside to the set, it was smaller than I thought it would be, we got seated on the edge close to the front and got a lot of instruction from the annoucer (Rich Fields). They really encouraged us to chear and clap a lot. Drew  Carey stayed on the set during commercial breaks and talked with everyone. The show itself was a little dissapointing because most of the contestants didnt win the prizes. But you can see for yourself if you decided to watch it, it airs on May 24th.

After the show we started our drive back to Las Vegas, we were originaly going to go back to the hotel by Six Flags, but decided to spend some extra time in Vegas so Jared booked us a room at the Excalibur. Our Next day in Vegas we did A LOT of walking. Well, most of our trip involved a lot of walking, but this day especially. We looked around some of the casinos we'd never been in before and saw the lions at the MGM Grand, we wanted to go on the rides on the top of the stratosphere but it was too windy and we knew they would be closed. We got reservations to see the Tournament of Kings dinner show and that was SO FUN! I'm so glad we decided to spend the extra time to see it.  We played some of the carnival games in the lower level of the Excalibur and went on the Spongebob 4D ride which was VERY fun and would recommend it.

Lion at the MGM

After the show we started our long drive home. I couldn't wait to get back and see my babies in the morning. It was hard leaving them but I was glad for the break as well. Next time we take a trip down to Californie they should be old enough to really enjoy it too.

Edit By Jared - I am putting this under my name because I have added more details and pictures. I also fixed up my avatar which you can see to the left so it looks more like me, well maybe in my teenage years.

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Kairi falling asleep while eating

Posted By: Jared
Apr 20th, 2010
There isnt much else to say, just click on the video and wait for it to show up, then click on play. You can also see this and other videos in the gallery.

Also my avatar to the left does not look like me at all.... My profile was corrupted and I lost my avatar that I made so I had to re do one from scratch and did not want to take the time to make a better one so thats why he looks so ugly. When I have more time then I will make him look better.

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myndi Wrote: Apr 25th, 2010
America's Funniest Home videos? hehe Best video ever! Thanks for sharing!
Jamie Wrote: Apr 22nd, 2010
Ha Ha
Quiet Book Cover

Posted By: Allie
Apr 8th, 2010
I finished up Kaden's cover. I added some snaps so it would stay closed and would be less likely to lose any pieces. I also put a pocket in the back for a small notebook and pen, or whatever else. Right now it has some alphabet flash cards. I just need to get another ring for the middle eyelets and it will be completely finished.

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Easter Sunday

Posted By: Allie
Apr 5th, 2010
We had planned to go to my parents' for Easter, but a few days before, Kaden's lingering cough started sounding a lot worse, so I took him to the Doctor and was told that he had developed pneumonia. I was a little shocked to hear that because he didnt seem that sick, just a bad cough. Good thing we caught it before it had a chance to get worse. So he's been on antibiotics and has been improving greatly, but we decided it was best to stay home for Easter.

We hid their Easter baskets and had the kids look for them, when kaden found his the first thing he noticed of course were the toy cars.  I put some bunny ears on Kairi and she loved wearing them, which I thought was cute. Normaly when I try to get her to wear a headband she just takes it off, but with the ears, if they fell off, she would bring them to me and want me to put them back on.

We dyed eggs in the afternoon and Kaden had a lot of fun helping, he got to choose the colors for his eggs and he colored on them with the crayon and put stickers on them, he was very proud of the ones he did.

Kairi is starting to walk and has taken 4 steps before falling. She can stand by herself for long periods of time also. Right now she likes to get around by "walking" on her knees, which takes longer than crawling, but I think it gives her the same feel as walking so she likes to do it.

When we finished dying the eggs we had an Easter egg hunt with Kaden. He was very quick to find all the eggs and he even tossed other things that looked like eggs into his basket as well, It was cute.

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