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Kaden's Quiet Book Pages

Posted By: Jared
Mar 26th, 2010
I have finished the pages for Kaden's quiet book, I just love how they turned out. It took a lot of work but I really enjoyed doing it. Once all the individual pages were done I sewed them together back to back lining the edges with bias tape. I punched out holes and set eyelets so the pages could be held together with rings. All that's left to do is make a cover.

Some of the pages have already been posted, but i'll post them again to show the end product. Page 1 is the barn with animal finger puppets.

Page 2 is one of my favorites. It has a robot with elastic arms that stretch when you pull them. Also the hands each have magnets in them so the clamps can hold onto things. And there is a zipper pocket for putting things in, I put a treat in there for Kaden to have next time he peeks inside.

Page 3 has the car and truck with interchangeable tires. Kaden loves this page.

Page 4 with the teddy bear and bow.

Page 5 has a rocket ship that goes up and down.

Page 6 & 7 have a town with roads for his hotwheels car to drive on. There is a pocket to store a car. He loves this page too.

Page 8 has the Autumn leaves. I think this is Kaden's favorite right now, he loves to pull off the leaves and put them in the bag and close it.

Page 9 is an island with a treasure chest that has a lock. The key is hidden behind a rock and it opens to reveal gold coins and an eye patch and earing. The compass is attatched with velcro so he can play with it.

And page 10 has a snowman that can be dressed up with different accessories.

I would love to read comments/suggestions anyone has. :) I'll probably start making Kairi's soon. Well. . . maybe i'll take a break for a while.

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myndi Wrote: Mar 31st, 2010
These are so cool! I love the robot you came up with. An obvious choice for Kairi is dressing up a doll, like the snowman. You could do flowers with different petals you can velcro on, kinda like the tree leaves. or change the center of the flowers with buttons like the car wheels.
Some Cute Pictures

Posted By: Allie
Mar 21st, 2010

Kairi was supposed to be taking a nap, I heard some noise from her room and went to check on her and Kaden had climbed into her crib to play with her.

Kaden loves to be in our bed. Sometimes when we are having quiet time he will get tired and crawl into our bed to take a nap. He looks so cozy.

I had put a movie on in the playroom for Kaden to watch, and he got tired and fell asleep in the chair.

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Korker Ribbon

Posted By: Allie
Mar 20th, 2010
I needed a hair clip to go with Kairi's watermelon outfits so I made one using this Korker ribbon, as they call it. To do this you will need some dowels, clothespins, and of course ribbon. The size of dowel used depends on the size of ribbon, for a 3/8” Grosgrain ribbon you would use a 1/4" dowel. You can also use other types of ribbon but for this I just used Grosgrain.

Preheat your oven to 275.
Start by securing the ribbon to the top of the dowel with the clothespin and twist it all the way down and securing the bottom with another clothspin.
Place dowels on cookie sheet and bake for 20-25 min.

Let dowels cool a bit and unwind the ribbon.

And there you have it. Pretty simple. There are different ways to make a bow, for the one I made I cut two 3" lengths of each color. I then straightened them out and alternating right side in / right side out I layered them on top of each other and secured them with some thread.

And then attached it to the clip with another strip of ribbon.

And here is my finished bow.

If you found my instructions a little confusing,

HERE is the tutorial I used.

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Jamie Wrote: Mar 26th, 2010
So cute. How funny, I just made some of these!
This girl will fall asleep anywhere.

Posted By: Allie
Mar 5th, 2010
It was so cute I just had to post about it. We were all eating lunch and Kaden finished so I cleaned him up and went to dish up some more for Kairi, one second she was awake and the next she was basically knocked out.

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Jared Wrote: Mar 6th, 2010
ha ha that is cute! I wish that I was home more often to see these things
Teddy Bear Page

Posted By: Allie
Mar 5th, 2010
I started up on the quiet book again and finished this page in an afternoon. The purpose of this page is for learning to tie a bow, I feel now that I should have used a thinner ribbon, maybe I can replace that later. Also the head looks a little small to me, but I wont re-do it. I sacrificed a stuffed bear that the kids don't play with so it would have the same teddy bear look and not just be fabric. I think he's pretty cute.

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